Fairview Inn offers a bridal spa package for the bride as well as the bridesmaids with a girls' getaway and bachelorette tea party.

Going To The Chapel Packages:
Find a dress, reserve a photographer, order invitations, select the tuxedos; the list seems endless. We know how many small details you both need to take care of in preparation for your wedding day. Rejuvenate yourselves by enjoying our Bride/Groom Packages specifically designed to relax and prepare you for your wedding day. All bridal packages include tax and gratuities.

Bride's Package - $299
» 50-minute aromatherapy massage
» Manicure
» Pedicure
» Organic brown sugar scrub
» Bikini line hair removal
» Lunch
For groups of 4 or greater a guarantee is required 7 days prior to the spa treatment date. We also require full payment at the time your guarantee is given.

Bachelorette and Bridesmaid Spa Packages(Maximum 8 people)

Mix n' Match Your Spa Services
»Massage and Pedicure
  25 Minute Massage                                  $55.00

  Pedicure                                                   $45.00

  Gratuity                                                    $20.00

  $120.00 Per Person


»Massage and Manicure

  25 Minute Massage                                  $55.00

  Manicure                                                  $25.00

  Gratuity                                                    $14.00

  $96.00 Per Person


»Manicure and Pedicure

  Manicure                                                  $25.00

  Pedicure                                                   $45.00

  Gratuity                                                    $14.00

  $84.00 Per Person



  Manicure                                                 $25.00

  Gratuity                                                     $5.00

  $30 Per Person



  Pedicure                                                   $45.00

  Gratuity                                                      $9.00

  $54.00 Per Person


**All per person includes service charge.


Assorted Finger Sandwiches/Desserts/Teas

(includes tax and service charge)

**$15.70 per person

*If placing order for finger sandwiches/desserts and tea it must be ordered for all in attendance.


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