Whole Foods-Jackson, MS

Whole Foods
Supporting Local
               Whole Foods presented its grand opening Tuesday, February 4th.The grocery store is located in Highland Village off I-55 North in Jackson. It is a 34,000 square-foot all natural, organic grocery store. Hundreds of eager people waited outside the sliding doors at 9:00 a.m. For their grand opening, the store provided entertainment, raffle tickets, taste samples, and more.
               Whole Foods has a generous amount of departments within the store. They have a department for bread, beer, cheese, coffee and tea, floral, seafood, produce, meat and poultry, and a whole body needs department, just to name a few. Their focus is to provide fresh, nutritious items for their customers.

               It is so encouraging to see the community moving towards healthy alternatives. Jackson no has Rainbow Co-Op located in Fondren, Fresh Market located in the Renaissance, and now Whole Foods in Highland Village. Rainbow Co-Op was the first one to introduce the all natural, organic grocery trend in 1980. At that time, there was no such place to purchase fresh, local products at a low cost. Fresh Market later followed bringing the chain to the Ridgeland outlet mall in 2009. 1908 Provisions also believes in this concept and has chosen to use local and regional products as well.

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The majority of 1908’s pasta and ice cream is made right in house!

             We look forward to see how these stores will impact us locally. We also encourage our Belhaven neighborhood to continue their support of Rainbow, Fresh Market, and now Whole Foods. Join in and make a reservation at 1908 Provisions!

                Rainbow Co-Op                                                         Fresh Market

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