The Red Chair is Headed this Way!


The Red Chair is coming to the Fairview Inn!

The red chair is what started out as a lonely dumpster chair, and lead to a widely known inspiring symbol for B&B’s across the world. This little chair is traveling across the country from California to Massachusetts, and is stopping to see us! 
Beth Colt is the owner and founder of Red Chair Travels. She is also an innkeeper on Cape Cod. Beth claims the red chair found her, not the other way around.  One gloomy day she posted the red chair to Facebook and everyone just ran with it. She began sending the chair to the finest inn’s in Cape Cod such as Province town, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. She began receiving requests daily from strangers all around wanting to meet this red chair. She thought it would be a neat idea to send the red chair on a great journey to visit other B&B’s around the world. Each innkeeper must take a creative photo at their inn using Red Chair as a prop. The innkeeper’s are also responsible for transporting the chair to its next destination.
This humble chair has become quite a movement. It is an honor to be hosting the Red Chair here at the Fairview Inn in Jackson, Mississippi! Stay tuned for February 14th-16th to see how the Red Chair enjoyed its stay! 

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