Red Chair Visits Fairview Inn

Red Chair Travels-Jackson, MS

The Red Chair had quite an eventful weekend in Jackson! The chair arrived Friday the 14th to the historic Fairview Inn. The chairs’ bold red color was appropriate while visiting because it was Valentine’s Day! Red Chair made itself right at home. 
Red chair was first taken on a tour of the Fairview’s property. It got to see the front of the house, the courtyard, the gazebo, and even made friends with the owners pup, Fluff! Next, the chair stopped by the home of one of the most acclaimed writers of the twentieth century, Eudora Welty. It proceeded around town to Hal n Mal’s restaurant, the Old Capitol Building, and the Mississippi Museum of Art! 
It was an honor to be a part of such a neat movement by hosting
The Red Chair here at the Fairview Inn, in Jackson, MS.  The Inn wishes Red Chair Travels the best of luck on its journey across the states!


 The Old Capitol Building!

Famous Mississippi writer, Eudora Welty’s House!

Fairview Inn’s courtyard!

Red Chair on the gazebo!

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