Haint Blue- Hauntings Jackson, MS


Porch ceilings throughout the South are often painted a pale blue or blue-gray color. Ever wonder why this color was chosen?

The color you are seeing on porch ceilings not only in the South but across the United States is actually called “haint blue.” A haint is a restless spirit who has not moved on from the physical world- but they aren’t necessarily the friendly types of spirits that you might want hanging around. Haint blue is a spiritual and cultural based color, especially in the southern United States.

Haint blue is meant to look like water and keep the haints our of your house. Legend has it that haints cannot cross water and the tints, tones and shades in the haint blue fool the haints into believing it is water. It is also said that haint blue is an insect and bird deterrent. It is said that the blue appears like an endless sky to birds and insects and deters them from making themselves at home on your exterior.

So next time you find yourself on the porch of an old Southern home, or all across the United States even, look up!


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