Octavia Spencer- Oscar Win, Acceptance Speech


 Whether it was Minny’s chocolate pie or her no-room-for-nonsense attitude, many who read the novel “The Help” or saw the film came to love the character of Minny. 

What better person to portray Minny on the big screen than the actual person who inspired Kathryn Stockett to create the character of Minny. Octavia Spencer, who portrays Minny in the film, and Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help, have been friends since 2003. Kathryn has said in several interviews that Octavia’s overall mannerisms and her whole being inspired the creation of Minny.

After landing the role of Minny in the film, Octavia Spencer spent six hot summer months in Mississippi filming. Jacksonians and Mississippians in particular seem to have a personal connection with the movie, actors, etc., since the story has a close tie to many of their lives.

 Mississippians could not be happier or more proud of the job done by Octavia Spencer (and the whole cast and crew of “The Help”)! It is The Mississippi Film Office’s hope that the film will help showcase the Magnolia State as a premier filming location. They have even created bigger incentives to filming in the state. Check out the interview with the Mississippi Film Office, here.

The Fairview Inn was so inspired by the novel, “The Help,” that a themed package was created. This package includes overnight accommodations at the Fairview (mentioned in the novel), a special welcome basket filled with Mississippi themed items, a self driving tour of locations mentioned in the novel, mint juleps, and a Southern dinner for two. See more on the package, here.

CONGRATULATIONS Octavia Spencer for winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress! Acceptance Speech

“Fried chicken just tend to make you feel better bout life.” – Minny Jackson

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