Happy New Year! Jackson, MS


Thinking of the New Year it is hard to belief the amount of superstition and tradition that revolve around this one day. One tradition that happens in almost every English speaking country on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight is singing Auld Lang Syne. Despite it’s popularity it has aptly been described as the song everyone has heard but no one really knows the words to. Take a listen:

 Another tradition that happens at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve is the ever popular “New Year’s Eve kiss.” At the stroke of midnight couples embrace one another for a kiss to celebrate and set tone for the new year. Some hold the superstition that failing to kiss someone ensures a year of loneliness.

Dropping of the Times Square Ball is also a popular New Year’s Eve tradition. Live feed of the ball being “dropped” on Times Square is seen by 1 billion people across the world, an estimated 100 million of them being from the United States. The ball, which is now in its sixth incarnation, is currently made by Waterford Crystal. The ball has been a New Year’s Eve symbol since December 31, 1907. Since 2009, the ball remains year-round on the flagpole over One Times Square and is only lowered on New Year’s Eve or removed for maintenance.

Another extremely popular New Year’s tradition is making New Year’s resolutions. This tradition dates back to the early Babylonians. One of the early Babylonians most popular resolutions was to return borrowed farm equipment. Today one of the most popular resolutions is losing weight. Recent research shows that 52% of those making resolutions were confident in their new goals; however, only 12% actually achieved their goals.

So, no matter what your tradition is for the New Year- we hope you have a happy and successful one!
Happy New Year!

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